Frequently asked Questions

-X- mappack:

1) Why don't most maps work with my version of TO?
2) Why am i missing (texture-)packages?

These maps use retail content. You need the retail version of TO:AoT to play the maps.

3) Where are TO-Intricorp, TO-Jungle and TO-Bunker?

TO-Intricorp has been renamed to TO-X-Extraction
TO-Jungle has been renamed to TO-X-Singa.
TO-Bunker is not included cause it could not be finished in time.

-X- TOSP (TO Single Player):

Check out the official TOSP homepage

-X- TOMA (TO Monster Attack):

1) General information

Take a look at the TOMA-readme.txt which is included in the -X- mappack zip-file.

Note: This mutator is not fully compatible with practice session. You should always start a multiplayer game even if you want to play alone or with bots.

TOMA is not compatible with some other mutators like m60bal4, HPScores or UnLag.

2) Whenever I try to host a server, the others cannot connect...

Put the line ServerPackages=TOMA into your TacticalOps.ini in the [Engine.GameEngine] section.

3) My TomaAdminTab is not workin right...

You have to type TomaAdminTab into the console not the quick command line console. Look into your settings -> controls which key opens the console.

4) The person hosting the server can buy those new grenades , the m4 and the oicw but the client can't...

This is a known bug which will be fixed in next TOMA.

-2- mappack:

1) Why don't most maps work with my version of TO?
2) Why am i missing (texture-)packages?

Cause these maps use retail content. You need the retail version of TO:AoT to play all maps! Four maps can also be played with the freemod version. Download it from

3) Which maps can be played with the free downloadable mod version?

  • Chicago
  • Chiesa
  • SlowWater
  • Toscana

4) Why didn't you make all maps freemod compatible?

Because of filesize- and copyright reasons. Anyways our experiences showed that most to-players own the retail.

5) Aren't some maps too large for being 2v2 maps?

The 2 in the mapname doesn't stand necessarily for a 2v2 map but for the second mappack of the AIM-IT mapping team and the TO team.
Most maps in this pack are 2v2 maps (which are also playable with way more players :-).

6) Why didn't you make the pack official as most contributors are members of the TO-team?

Official stuff has to be tested and approved by Infogrames (the publisher of TO:AoT). That would have meant to wait until they have time for that (november 2002).

7) Why do I get a version mismatch when I try to play TO-2-Chicago?

The first version TO-Chicago used a different version of the texture package TO-sdot-tech.utx. You need to delete this package to download the new version from your server. (.../TacticalOps/Textures/TO-sdot-tech.utx)

During full installation of the mappack, this texture file should have been replaced by the newer one.

If you still have trouble you can download TO-2-Chicago only (4.4MB) and reinstall it.

8) Where are the secrets in TO-2-Alpia?

Search yourself!-)
A texture is missing in the hidden cinema, where you see only a green bubble texture; that's a known bug.

9) Why can't I open the locker in TO-2-Crossmaglen?

Point your crosshair -exactly- at the keyhole of the van on the bridge and press and hold the use key.

Can I join the AIM-IT Team?

Unfortunately you can't join the team right now, cause we don't plan to release any further maps in the near future.

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July 19, 2003