Mirror lists updated (april 2005)
all mirrors are now working again.
All non functional mirrors have been removed.
provided us with mirrors for all mappacks.


We recommend one of the best maps recently releseased:

Double_U's remake of CS-Italy called

Download (4.1 MB) - Double_U's homepage

TO Singleplayer mode 1.1:
The singleplayer mode for TO 3.40 (TOSP 1.1) has been released.

Don't forget to give EMH_Mark3 feedback for his work in this thread. =)

-X2-mappack (small update):

download from

the updated maps are.

  • TO-X2-Salsa
  • TO-X2-Singa
  • TO-X2-SubwayStandoff

aim-it-X-mas mappack

A colaboration between the TO-Team and AIM-IT
december 2002

included are
20 maps plus

Singleplayer Mod and
TOMA Monster-Attack Mutator

-2- mappack

A colaboration between Members
of the TO-Team and the AIM-IT Team.
july 2002

mostly small maps focused on fast action gameplay

Including 12 maps

aim-it mappack

first mappack from aim-it for TO version 2
november 2001

including 8 medium to large maps


April 3, 2005